As you can see, we’ve made a lot of changes. The biggest change we made was to get Troy involved and give her reign over this domain. Her creativity and knowledge are at the heart of everything we are doing.

Troy has worked really closely with us to build a place where the Sublime fan, whether you’ve been with us from the beginning or are just catching on to how amazing this band is, can have a place to come to to get the latest Sublime merchandise. On her urging we’ve brought back some classic designs that fans worldwide have expressed love for. Truly caring about the fans, Troy is in touch with many of them directly; chatting on social media, listening to amazing stories of how Sublime changed many lives, and personally hanging out with fans at Brad’s grave site when paying respect.

One of the things Troy really wanted to do was create a special Limited Edition line of raglan baseball shirts. Each month there will be a new song highlighted, with a blog written by Troy herself explaining what the song meant, whether to the Sublime Family, her or to Brad himself. Some special insight you can only get from the woman that was there. These will be Limited Edition runs, once they sell out you won’t be able to get them again. Make sure to get yours while you can!

Here is what Troy has to say:
"Another classic, Bad Fish brings to mind times when you're on the "wagon" but fall off the boat and start drinking like a fish again, thus "Baby Are You A Bad Fish Too"